Home and Health Cleaning ​by FiberGuard Since 1984


"We've Been Around"

With 35 Years Experience, Our Reputation, Skills & Education Speaks For Us

We're not on all the social media, and frankly we wouldn't know how to or care to.  We just getting used to smart phones (and admittedly, we don't use them to their fullest potential). However, we learned how to treat people in the days when working with your hands in people's homes meant you had an obligation to know what you were doing, learned how to treat people (and their family, friends and pets) well, were taught to make sure you had well protected and worked carefully around valuable furnishings and property, showed up as close to on time as possible, priced your services fairly, provided better service than you charged for and didn't pat yourself on the back for doing so.

As a matter of fact we started out protecting new furniture and only began cleaning in 1984 when we couldn't find anyone to consistently, efficiently, effectively, affordably and reliably clean existing furnishings we wanted to protect as we did new furnishings and carpet.

Most people in our industry, we hear, have been cleaning for less than 3 years...because it's a hard business. "Turnover" means you get inexperience and inexperience means you assume a lot more risk when you have the average cleaner in your home.  We don't have turnover and we come with thousands of satisfied customers and references, if you ask for them, since we don't "share" our customers names and experiences without first knowing who we're talking referring to them.

We've worked with and managed the largest cleaning companies in the world (700+ trucks in 45 cities) and we've cleaned hotel rooms and returned them to "like new" after they were condemned by the city, we've written books on carpet care and we've developed leading edge processes, programs and equipment others now use routinely. If you don't mind bragging, just ask us.

We have been in all the cleaning groups, attended all the conventions and at one time had all the certifications some guys are just getting, and we're proud of them, but it was our commitment to serve you better than any other cleaner that gave us the drive to improve all the time.  You can't train that into a newbie, so call us for the experience you deserve, while we're still accepting challenges, providing exemplary service and looking forward to our next spot removal conundrum.


We Won't Keep You Waiting or Wondering Where We Are

Sometimes, especially on every job after the first one, we run early or we run late.  It's not our fault, unless you blame us for not always knowing in advance what we're going to run into on every job site, with everything we clean all the time. Stuff happens, but we will keep you informed by calling you.

700 Cleaning Trucks?!?

Yep, at one time our owner was a business development executive of the world's largest non-franchised carpet cleaning company, in America's largest 45 communities. We believe we should know all about every nuance of cleaning to be the best, and our dedication and commitment to (now) bringing quality over quantity to every home we service...

Grown Men That Wear Booties

Frankly, We're Not Embarrassed

We wear booties over our shoes.  It means we're NOT the cause of your soiling and it shows we care as much as the cleaner of your finest furnishings should care. Although OSHA requires us to wear shoes and workers comp would have a field day with us if we didn't, we understand you want people that care, so we wear the booties.  However, sometimes the booties actually create more trouble than if we just clean our shoes before each job...so we hope you're as flexible on this issue as we are.  Just expect us to show up with booties on.

We Care About the Environment - Always Have 

A lot of guys used to have no trouble dumping whatever chemical they used that day all over the place, but we never did.  Since the EPA has rules that require we put used solutions in sanitary sewers we do it where we work.  It's handle, reasonable, we do it routinely and always have, and it means there isn't a need to drive all over town with hundreds of gallons of dirty water on our trucks.  So, along with doing our collective part to protect the environment, we save money and EPA trouble, which saves you money. (We NEVER put anything into a drain that we wouldn't feel right putting on our gardens...it's our rule.) If we have solvents or chemicals that need disposal, we make sure to meet all the regulations for protecting the environment, along with our own rules.

We Pre-Inspect, Assess and Quote in Writing

Another one of our rules, "NO SURPRISES".  When we arrive we inspect and quote you for work to be performed in writing, so you know what your cost is going to be. We take soiling samples and also leave them for your review.  We don't do air, bacterial, environmental or any other kinds of testing because we're cleaners, not scientists.  It's true we use some science we've learned to look deeply into what we need to do to get your home clean, and we may use microscopes, expensive and very technical looking equipment and filters, but that's expected...we're cleaners doing the best job we know how to do.  Don't panic, it's just better if we do a thorough job vs doing what some others might do.  We think you might like us and use us more often and then tell your friends in YOUR social networks about us.  We'd appreciate that (we think)

If the Spots or Soil Comes Back, So Do We

Sometimes we get a spot or a stain out and it comes back later. It's miraculous how that happens, but it does, so we come back again at no cost to you.  If there is a staining agent that wicks to the surface as drying occurs, we know we didn't overwork the stain causing more problems. After all, it stands to reason that if it comes clean, we're probably going to stop continuing to clean it, right?  We thought you'd agree.  So, if we're really not done or the issue returns, we will also.