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We spend a substantive percentage of our lives in bed. Our skin is exposed and we inhale the irritants as our mattresses are exposing us to allergens and health challenges due to dust mite feces, dried shedded skin and soils which filter up through the bedding and can add many pounds of weight to our mattresses and pillows. Pillows may be replaced or cycled through a dryer to neutralize these issues, but mattresses must be cleaned where "they lay" due to their weight and bulk, and the need for them to dry thoroughly after cleaning. Also, the acidity of the cleaning solution must be formulated to neutralize dust mite feces which are serious allergens to up to 45% of the population and are present in 9 out of 10 homes.  (Bed bugs are another issue, and like dust mites may require the need to hire a professional exterminator. Exterminators don't clean and we don't exterminate, but are focused on removing the issues by cleaning only.  See your exterminator for information about pest remediation.)

Furniture &


Because furniture is subjected to hand oils, dried skin flakes, saliva, feces, dust mites PLUS the airborne soils common to carpeting, and THEN because fabrics (and leather) are more fragile to cleaning than carpet, assessing the best cleaning methods isn't always easy. Airborne carbons from heating and cooking and UV light sources are especially detrimental to fabric, and fabric is easily affected by color loss and dimensional stability challenges that can be accelerated by improper cleaning methods or over-wetting. Many cleaners aren't equipped to dry clean and don't know the affects of PH, temperature, various chemistry solutions and fabric construction types and components yet they may know a lot about carpet cleaning. We find most cleaners using carpet cleaning solutions and overpowered equipment and inappropriate chemistry on furniture. Cleaning your furniture is as different from carpet as washing your dishes is different from washing your laundry.

Drapes &


Drapes and blinds are normally on outside facing walls, the walls which usually contain heating vents which, when combined with air currents that can unevenly distribute dark, carbon based soils, cleaning processes and solutions are much different from carpet, furniture or mattress cleaning.  Drapes and blinds are also unevenly, and more directly affected by UV light which, when combined with the other issues and the lower durability of drapery fabrics, can quickly deteriorate them.  We clean them on-site, because we feel it's wrong to put them into a vat where ALL the soils present are loosened and then are "re-distributed" over the entire drape.  Further, on-site cleaning utilizes extraction and helps prevent yellowing, when done properly.  Add to all of this the presence of insects, the need to keep creases and folds looking perfect and the damage that can be caused by improper handling, the need for special equipment and ladders and to protect surrounding walls and furnishings, and drapes are a special challenge which we're "up for".

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Without getting to "technical", our state has determined that just our local outdoor soils come in 400 different types, and add indoor soils to that. So, when we clean we have to know what types of soil are in your region and, for example, whether they are sticky, organic, gritty, etc., and then combine that knowledge with what we learn about your home. Your home may have gas, oil or steam heat, have exits directly outside or be nearer to concrete, grass, or be subjected to food, medicine, exterminator chemicals or pet spills, dander and a whole lot more. Further, whether you cook with gas or electric, have a fireplace, woodstove, humidifier or use a HEPA vacuum all must be considered along with your family's sensitivity to dust, allergens, etc.  Area rugs, synthetic and wool, and oriental rugs, usually created much differently than synthetic fibers require a completely different approach. So, we formulate our approach to cleaning according to your specific needs, after getting a sampling which we review with you before proceeding.

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