Our Understanding of the HEALTH Issues Associated with Commercial Cleaning

We Follow the Leaders - From WFBSC, This Excerpt from a 2011 Report (LINK) on a Basic Set of Standards

Carpets do harbour more pathogens than hard floors.... Carpets, especially those with high levels of activity in classrooms, office settings, conference rooms, shop floors and communal rooms in care homes require vacuuming daily and a full clean every six months or immediately after a spillage.
Soiled carpeting that remains damp or wet provides an ideal setting for the proliferation and persistence of gram-negative bacteria and fungi. The soiling should be cleaned immediately. If organic matter is present it should be disinfected after removing the material mechanically with a detergent. Carpeting that remains damp for 72 hours should be removed. Wet vacuuming (extraction) is more effective than dry cleaning at removing fungi such as aspergillosis.

"Soft Furnishing:
Soft furnishings such as curtains and chair and pillow covers can harbour pathogens or allergens that have settled on their surface from airborne bacteria or from contact with people’s hands or clothes or from spills of organic matter...these surfaces will require cleaning to remove harmful microbes from the environment. Soft furnishings that are likely to get soiled (e.g., in nursing homes, nurseries or schools, etc.)....should be fully cleaned daily with a detergent. If soiling is present then the surface will require additional disinfection after removing the organic material mechanically with a detergent. ... a temperature of 65o C for 10 minutes is the most effective method of decontamination. Soft furnishing that cannot be laundered should be steam cleaned or cleaned using a detergent solution then dried....

Allergens (e.g., dog and cat dander) have been detected in or on cloth furniture from visitor’s clothes.

Dust containing Acinetobacter, community associated MRSA, Aspergillosis and other fungi can also be found on cloth furnishing. Researchers have therefore suggested that cloth chairs should be vacuumed regularly to keep the dust and allergen levels to a minimum...."


Commercial Cleaning

We Have a History

In 1990 we were selected to author the text for the cleaning manual required for executive housekeepers by the AHMA at the University of Michigan.  (Ask us to bring a copy along with us...)

Back then, the executive housekeepers were in the process of transitioning from an older group that had no advanced, formalized education to an upcoming population in their midst of well educated housekeepers that were familiar with chemistry, heat, the dangers of improperly maintained carpets, floors and fabrics, but also the serious impact these issues were going to have on the future of their industry.  We were honored to participate.

We knew, back then as today, that when used correctly, steam was the best way to eliminate soiling, germ and allergy problems since there was little chemical use or residue.  So, we made sure we had the right equipment AND the best training and education available.

However, other solutions to soiling, germs, allergens and infection need to be considered and employed depending upon the surface, the environment, eventual use of, drying time, fiber content, residue and a lot more. 

We have been cleaning hotels, medical, legal and other offices and protecting them since 1984.  Ask us for references.

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We Assess, Test and Quote
Our staff includes the former VP of Business Development and Lead Training Supervisor for the largest wholly owned, non-franchised, cleaning company in the world who left to start our own company.

We know corrective cleaning, spotting, interim maintenance procedures and have developed manuals for the correct application of all of our technology and service routines.  We understand how to save you money, clean effectively, protect the safety of your clients and staff, and how to build an affordable budget with your needs covered as you solely determine. 

Give us something to work with by calling us out to do a "minimum" service instead of a a simple quote, and you'll see for yourself what we do, how we achieve complete cleaning and we'll leave you a quote.