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The Difference

What WE Do That Other Cleaners Don't - We Assess and SHOW You What's There Before We Clean it Out

As our homes age and we more efficiently prevent loss of energy via insulation, better windows, etc., our activities tend to "close in" the major causes of real soiling and that is what has caused so many issues for people such as asthma, allergies, skin conditions, etc. We believe that a cleaner that addresses the main issues is also handling the apparent soiling issues simultaneously.  So, before we start cleaning, we test your furnishings to actually SEE what is causing the soiling, because we want to use the right tool-solution-temperature-timing.  (More about our pre-inspection and assessment HERE.)

After decades of cleaning, we learned that the same procedures and processes that may work for one home may not be as effective for another.  (See the video to the right or at the bottom, depending upon your viewing device.)

Much soil is the same, but the soil that isn't the same and the culture of the occupants of the environment may need special considerations that a simple cleaning doesn't cover. We love our business and have developed special tools that allow us to provide the best services...bar none.  It isn't just about wearing the little paper/plastic booties on our feet when we arrive (which we wear routinely), it's about listening to you, determining how we can fulfill your expectations and to make sure to follow up and to offer limited warranties (our state only recognizes limited warranties) on everything we do, and then bringing advanced and technologically proven processes to your home.

Every home has similarities and every environment, geographically, has similarities but, with so many cleaning procedures available to us, it makes sense to professionally choose which of them should be applied to improve the cleanliness, healthfulness and appearance of your environment. Nothing, not even those "super steam powered trucks" compare to a customized solution formulated for your home and families needs.  Most cleaners have 3-4-5 chemicals they work with, but sometimes an adjustment in heat, agitation or timing to the cleaning process or using a less severe detergent or cleaning solution or a specialized solution can be more effective, safer, leave less (or preferably, no) residue behind. Ask us for a free test of your home's furnishings and decide for yourself.

By the way, we have over 30 years experience cleaning carpets, area rugs, furniture and draperies in homes and businesses, so our processes have had a lot - many thousands - of actual uses to assure you of our results.  We are not an environmental testing or remediation contractor or exterminator but simply a cleaning company that knows how to assess what obvious components of soil that may be in your soft furnishings.  Try us and see by calling 216-292-6334 or click on the Contact Us page, or click HERE to learn more.