Home and Health Cleaning ​by FiberGuard Since 1984



The Result

#1 The Best Cleaning Possible

No kid or neophyte to cleaning or home service that just got hired to clean carpet is going to come to your home.  A MINIMUM of 25 years experience is required to work with or for Home and Health Cleaning.  We train our people about new technologies, information and assessment tools, but first they have to have proved themselves with a history of successful cleaning.

#2 Nothing But the Soil, Spots and the Stains are missing.  

Because our people have so many years of experience, and we monitor their treatment of our customers and check their background, you won't have security or safety issues.

#3 Things Happen But We're There to Make it Better.

If you have a spot or stain that isn't removed, or is removed but mysteriously wicks back and reappears, we come back also.  No charge, with certain limitations that are within reason.  If you spill something yourself, our limited warranty (FiberGuard) will cover your service call, again, with some limitations