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The Science

What's YOUR Dirt Look Like?

Household dirt (or soil, as we professionals refer to it) has been studied by universities, government institutions, carpet manufacturers, health care organizations, vacuum cleaner manufacturers, cleaning certification bodies and many more. However, suffice it to say that it's made up of these 10 components that we refer to as "real" soiling -

1. the stuff you bring in on your feet and clothing

2. the germs and viruses you bring in or create 

3. the residues of furnishings and construction materials as they deteriorate 

4. the gases and carbon created by your heating system and electrical motors and digital technology in your home

5. your pets, neighbors, friends 

6. what enters the home in the air depending upon the environment where your home is located

7. gasses (radon, etc.) and moisture that enter the home via the foundation, walls and roof

8. unwanted pests such as dust mites, bed bugs, spiders, rodents that are born (or enter) and eat, live and create feces, etc.

9. whatever chemical residues remain in your home from cleaning chemicals and processes you use to eliminate other causes

10. one of the most prevalent components of soil in the home, gross as it sounds, which is shedded human skin

What Bothers Most People the Most?

Spots, stains and soil that they see, or what we professionals call "apparent" soiling.  We call it that because our experience has taught us that most people have NO IDEA how much damage the ten causes above can do to their health and their home living experience.  Most people have their carpets and furnishings cleaned because of apparent soiling.  That's a great thing for your average cleaner, because he doesn't have to assess the first, main causes of issues in your home as long as he gets out the apparent soiling.  STOP giving your cleaner a free pass that allows him to avoid addressing the major soiling issues in your home and find out how we're different.

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